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Privacy Policy and GDPR

All data about you is treated as strictly confidential and is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

  • The completed ‘You and Your Cat information sheet’ is retained in electronic form in a password protected file and is used by The Feline Nanny  only to provide the care for your pets as specified by you on that sheet. Addresses will be kept separately from this form to ensure the upmost privacy to clients. 

  • House keys and client information are held completely separately. Client keys are stored in a secure device labelled only with the cats’ name/names ensuring the upmost privacy and security. 

  • Should you no longer wish to use our service, your details held in our records will be destroyed. Similarly, a file that has not been used after a period of 24 months since previously used will be destroyed.

  •  The details will be used (the method of contact being initially agreed on the client information form)

    • to confirm / arrange future bookings or arrangements (email/text/WhatsApp as agreed)

    • to send invoices in respect of bookings leave in property on last visit

    • to update you on your pets whilst you are away (email/text/WhatsApp as agreed)

  • Please let The Feline Nanny know at any time should you wish that method to be changed or if you subsequently want your details removing from this.
  • Your personal information will not be shared with other persons or organisations. However, if there is an emergency whereby The Feline Nanny is suddenly unable to care for your pet whilst you are away, a process is in place whereby care can be arranged to ensure the safety of your pet.

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