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Nanny's visits

The Feline Nanny operates between the hours of 8am – 5pm with one visit to your cat within that time at a cost of £9.50 per visit.


In order to get around everyone in a timely manner, exact visit times cannot be given. That being said, food does not need to be timed to the visit exactly because The Feline Nanny uses timed feeders (can provide if you do not have free of charge) which can be timed to open am and pm outside of the visiting time. Alternatively, if your cat is able to manage their food intake, a top up of food can be given at the visit and on leaving more can be left for them to graze on. This can be discussed at the initial visit.

In terms of the length of the visit, enough time is given for all cats to have litter changed if necessary, food bowls washed and topped up, a visible health check carried out and affection given should the cat want it.

At this point, it’s good to point out that 5 minutes to a human is like an hour to a cat, so a 15 -20 minute visit is 3-4 hours for a cat. So, whilst we as owners think our cat needs hours of stimulation whilst we are away, the reality is often very different.


Anna does not believe in forcing herself on cats and will not pick cats up unless they are injured, they need to come to her (which they do) and build the relationship from there. If you have a cat that loves cuddles, The Feline Nanny will stay longer, on the other hand if your cat prefers to be left alone, Anna will leave them to it once the initial checks have been done.

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